Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nuck-ing Futz! : A Disgrace to Hockey and Canada

What a crappy start to my day... Transit was late and I got stuck in a torrential down pour making me look like a drowned rat for my appointment... This was after being reminded by the Morning News that the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins last night. I sat there and listened to the Reporters as they reported the news of mobs, looting, tear gas, flash grenades, beefed up security, Police, Riot Police, fences to herd the crowd, vehicles being set a blaze, Fire Departments, clean up attempts and other disgrace. I finally had to switch the channel. I couldn't handle listening to the News team look down their noses at the City of Vancouver. Let me explain.....

I grew up in small town BC and have been a Vancouver Canuck fan since I was about 12... Meaning, I was a Canucks Fan the last time they broke the City of Vancouver's collective heart, and mine for that matter, when they lost to the New York Rangers back in '94. I don't much remember hearing about the riots back then - though it's been reported that there were some.

I've since relocated to Edmonton, AB and I guess being removed from BC allows for a little biased behaviour on the part of News Casters. I've got Edmonton Oiler Fans on my Facebook page, and their comments angered me as well, especially being that they were on the Canuck bandwagon while they were winning... Then after last night they were "disgusted with Canuck fans for acting like imbeciles". It's as though they have forgotten that 5 short years ago, their hockey "fans" were doing the exact same things and bringing negative attention and media to their city & country, to their game & team and to their friends, family, fellow fans & themselves.

I was here in Edmonton in '06 when "Oilers Fans" rioted down Whyte Avenue as well. Garbage cans were set a blaze - much like in Vancouver last night - cars and business/shop damage was done. Police and I believe Riot Police were involved. All because the Oilers "fans" were pissed their team lost the Cup that year. All over a game, right? I am well aware of "two wrongs don't make a right"... I'm also aware of "those who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones" - so quit acting... I know in Europe there have also been riots over Soccer (AKA Foot ball in Europe) as well. Wasn't there a soccer player that was murdered because he won or lost a game???

Don't get me wrong, the riots last night in Vancouver pissed me right off! (Excuse the sailor talk - I'm not going to candy coat this for anyone.) Let me set the record straight though - it wasn't the Canucks' Fans who rioted by any means. It was the rowdy more brawn than brain IDIOTS that rioted.... The part timer Hockey fan that only give a crap about hockey when "their" team has made it to the play-offs. The mental nut cases that look for a reason to drink on a Wednesday night and cause such a spectacle of themselves by causing such shenanigans.

I'm as much of a Canucks fan as the next person but I stayed at home last night and drowned my sorrow in a couple glasses of wine... I was just as disappointed by the fact that the Canucks were the ones that screwed up the Olympic/Stanley Cup tradition that we had going on. Montreal hosted the Olympics in '76 and the following season the Canadiens won the cup.... Calgary hosted the Olympics in '88 and the following year the Flames won the cup... Vancouver hosts the Olympics last year and the following year there were riots in the streets of Vancouver. (I personally blame Harper for bringing that up and then calling the Canucks his team... They ain't your team, Asshole... You're from Calgary - piss off... But that's an entirely different issue.) As a Canucks fan, I sure as hell didn't bring negative attention to my favorite hockey team... To my home town... Or to my country... I didn't go break windows or light stuff on fire... I drank like a good Canadian - though I would've been a better Canadian if it were a beer rather than wine.

While I don't condone the actions of the idiots/morons/losers/wankers/imbeciles or brain~dead assholes that rioted last night - I also don't much enjoy being blamed as a Canucks fan. A true Canucks fan would never tarnish the long road and the hard work of their team. They would've been gracious - much like Kesler was last night as he was near tears while being interviewed as he was giving his competitors the credit where it seemed due. As a true Canucks fan, I will give credit where it's due - the Bruins wanted it more and therefore deserved the Cup.  Tim Thomas - the Bruins' goalie - stood on his head and amazed me. The man also had serious class... While Luongo wanted to blast Thomas for a goal he let in - Thomas remained focused on the task at hand... The Stanley Cup and didn't get tied into the trash talk. I knew he'd be a tough opponent and definitely kept Boston in the Play-offs. After 39 years, the Bruins have the Stanley Cup back in their barn.

I hate to speak for my whole country but... For those of you who aren't from Canada, who happen to be reading this... We aren't all sore losers or cry babies... We aren't all Neanderthals and Criminals... We aren't all ignorant and shameful.... (Though we are ashamed of the actions of those few individuals that have caused such a disgrace.) There have been a few ideas of charging the rioters with being domestic terrorists, even if it was only brought up as an idea on Facebook.

It's Not Always About Me; I will die a Canucks fan even if they never win the Stanley Cup in my life time - preferably without Luongo or the Nut jobs that call themselves a "Canuck Fan"... They just didn't have enough left in the tank last night to unbreak my heart from '94... I just hope it doesn't take them another 17 years for a shot at the Hockey Holy Grail again!