Wednesday, May 4, 2011

These Times They Are a Changin' : A Wedding, A Funeral And An Ignoramus Stays

Here we are on the eve of my return to Alberta, and the face of the World has changed since I've left it. The "Royal Couple" has wed, a Terrorist is dead and the Governing Landscape of Canada has drastically changed.... And it all happened in less than a week... And it all started barely a week ago.

Princess Catherine, as I hear we're encouraged to call her, married her Prince last Friday. Though I wish them well and nothing but a long and happy marriage - I couldn't have cared less. That might have been different if my invitation to the event hadn't gotten lost in the mail, but it did... So I don't. I've seen enough clips on TV and on various websites to know that Kate's dress was simple and elegant - and that Prince William is balding... Even though I live in a country that is still part of the British Commonwealth, to me the event wasn't a huge deal. I will say good for Princess Kitty for having the "obey your husband" line taken out of the vows. What I didn't understand was the big hoopla my American counterparts seemed to make of it. Sure, it's an "Historical Event" but didn't y'all fight a big war to gain your independence from the Monarchy of England? So what's the big deal? Just sayin'... And that's all I have to say about that.

Just as I was about ready to gag on all the Royal Wedding coverage, another tidbit of information made breaking news. The death of terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. While having conflicting thoughts of "It's about time" and "How can anyone celebrate a death - even of someone that terrible" - I can only hope and keep my fingers crossed that American and Canadian troops will now finally be able to come home. It's unfortunate that all those Men and Women have lost their lives Over Seas and I will never understand the apparent Wisdom in War. I understand the want for retaliation. I understand the want for Justice. However, I will never understand War, no matter what argument has been made... And there have been many an argument and opinion made. What I fear now is retaliation of the Al Qaeda. I wish there was 100% certainty that there won't be, but there isn't. We've all heard the cliche quotes of an eye for an eye but what happened to turning the other cheek. Well, there has now an eye been taken for an eye. I hope that the other cheek won't have to be turned. I hope it's done.

I'm conflicted with Osama's death for many reasons, really. If he was in fact behind the tragic events of September 11th - he should very well have been punished and severely. I'm not even the slightest conflicted there. Where I am conflicted though is reading reports that Bin Laden was a father of anywhere from 12 to 25 children. As awful as his actions were, he had people in his life that will be deeply saddened by his loss. It was also said that he was shot in front of 4 of his grandchildren. I know that if Bin Laden were my grandfather and was executed in front of me - even as terrible and horrendous as his actions were - I'd be traumatized for the rest of my life. The death of any person - even as evil as Bin Laden - I don't think should be celebrated for that small handful of reasons.

The day after the announcement of Bin Laden's happened to be Election Day here in Canada. On Monday, May 2nd, Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a majority government. Not going to lie, I was not a happy person that day. I don't believe Mr Harper has the Canadian People's best interest at heart. (One of the reasons I don't believe he does.... The fact that there are still Canadian troops and Military Personnel in the Middle East.) My personal political opinions aside, however, History was made that day. The NDP, New Democrat Party, won the official opposition for the first time in the party's existence and for the first time in Canadian Political History. The Liberal and Bloc Quebecois Parties were obliterated in the polls which shocked many. Also making history was Elizabeth May as she will be the first Green Party Candidate/MP to sit in the House of Parliament of Canada... EVER. Now we'll have to see where Mr Harper leads this country over the next four years. I hope he surprises me and does wonderful things.... I'm not holding my breath though as I head to the heavily Conservative Alberta...

It's Not Always About Me; Every one's entitled to their opinion - this just happens to be mine. These times, they are a changin'....