Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ketch Up - I Got Something To Say!

OK, so I've got ideas for new blog posts... Today though, I've decided to catch any of you following this blog up on past posts. We'll get to the new rants again in the near future, promise!

Well, I've had my "new" exer-steps shoes for about three weeks now. (Post from October 1st - I Don't Need An Excuse) They're the Wal-Mart brand version of those new exercise shoes. (I'm sure most have seen the commercials for the Sketchers ads, Joe Montana even owns a pair. I've got the same idea, just Wal-Martized.) Anyhow, I've been wearing them for almost three weeks and can still feel the burn in my calves, but not so much in my hamstrings or butt anymore... Either they're not working, or they've done all they can do for my butt and hamstrings. I haven't noticed an improvement in my posture any, but that's just me... I'd still recommend a pair though, they are doing wonders for the balance and calves as mentioned. So just to confirm, they aren't miracle shoes... You won't walk on water with them... But if you're going to fork over money for a new pair of runners, might as well be these ones if they are comparable in price.

Edmonton's still having pretty good weather considering we're into mid-October. Usually by now I'm cursing winter and cold climates... Pulling out parkas, gloves and winter boots... Taking bets on when the first snow will fly - hoping upon hope that it's not til at least November. It's still chilly at night and in the mornings, and today's pretty miserable cloudy... But we're still hitting mid-teens (Celsius) during the day, usually on the sunny side (with wind of course - God I hate wind!!!!!) and I can wear just a sweater home instead of a jacket as well. (One Last Kick At The Can Post from October 4th.)

About a week or so ago, I saw on the news about housing for the homeless. It seems as though there are a few areas around the City of Edmonton with the capacity to build (affordable) housing for those on the street. Of course, there are people in the proposed areas that aren't keen on the idea for obvious reasons. (They don't want an influx of street people in their neighbourhood and any kind of shenanigans that it could entail.) Of course, things have to be done right. The powers that be need to look into zoning, public opinion etc. I'm just glad to hear that something is in the works. (Glass Castle and Little Hobos post from October 10... 10/10/10 day.)

Finally, from yesterday's post comes the outcome of the election. Edmonton is stuck with the same Mayor we had yesterday. Mayor Stephen Mandel is still the Mayor because 55.1% of those who voted yesterday, re-elected him. (That's roughly 107,709 people. That number alone is impressive let alone to have voted on the same candidate.) The closest competitor, David Doward - who, of course, came in second place - snapped up 29.8% of the vote, roughly 58,176 people. (Still not shabby.) The remaining candidates rounded out the lower side of things. (Daryl Bonar - 10.5% or 20,484 people. Dan Dromarsky - 2.3% or 4,561 votes and last but not least Dave Dowling - 1.2 % or 2,271 votes.) I'm not sure if this is an average voter turn out, or above/below average turn out. Either way, roughly 193, 201 people turned out to have their say.... 193, 201 people get to bitch, piss and moan about the government because they either re-elected Mandel, or the candidate was out voted by Mandel. I watched the News tonight, the Voter turn out was at 34% this year. That number is up from the 2007 election's 27%, but down from the 42% of Edmontonians that voted in 2004. At any rate, anyone who voted yesterday, good on ya! Glad to see people exercising their democratic right!

That's about all I got, look forward to bitching more =0)

It's not always about me, but I do usually have something to say! =0)

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