Thursday, October 21, 2010

Memorable Commercials - Because Everybody Wants a Hippopotamus for Christmas!

"I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,
Because only a Hippopotamus will do,
No Crocodiles, No Rhinoceroses,
I only like Hippopotamuses,
And Hippopotamuses like me too!"

Well, I woke up this morning in a good mood for once, not all groggy, draggin' ass, and just generally blah. Trust me, it's a nice change for once! I get to work, crack open my MacDonald's Coffee and won two "Instant" prizes on the Monopoly game pieces. (Usually I'm a Timmy's Ho coffee wise, just seemed smarter to go for the Monopoly pieces.) I read my Virgo Horoscope in today's Metro:

"The right mental attitude always attracts the right opportunities, both in your personal life and in your work and business affairs, so strive to stay positive and expect good things to come your way -- and they will."

So I've decided to stay on the positive road for the day. Rather than bitching and complaining about one of the many various topics I could, I decided to take the lighter side today... And give some companies some free plugs. Most people remember the really good or really bad commercials on TV... I'm sharing my three faves that I can remember. I didn't run out and buy their products, if you do that's cool. (I'll spread my good mood to you today, like it or not!)

The first commercial is the most recent, I've seen it a couple times and saw again last night. (That's what prompted this post.) It's a Geico commercial with actor, Mike McGlone. Mr McGlone's opening line was something along the lines of "Does Geico give you the best car insurance rates? Do Wood Chucks chuck wood?" Then it flashes to two wood chucks, not real of course, acting like typical bratty pests and chucking wood into a lake. The poor farmer comes by and yells "Hey you dang Wood Chucks!! Quit chuckin' my wood!!" I got a good "chuck"le out of it. (And at least, it wasn't that annoying as hell Gecko, that makes me not want to EVER use their services.)

The second memorable commercial was a while ago from A&W. (I used to work at two separate A&Dubs, it's not my first choice for burgers.) They were promoting 2 Mama Burgers for $4. The usual "manager" character and geeky keener character were hopped up on the helium and started singing in their helium voices. Oh My God, I damn near died laughing. I don't know why, I just found that shit hysterical. Granted, I haven't seen it in a while, but I know if I googled it, I could watch it when ever I wanted. (But why?)

Thirdly, but definitely not the least, makes me look forward to Christmas a little more. The first few times I see the Telus commercial around Christmas, I severely agitate my roommate by turning the volume up and dancing around the living room. They play the hippopotamus song (as seen above) and have hippos on screen. Though I love the commercial, I won't be using Telus for any of my telephone, internet or cable needs. I had a rotten experience with Telus a few years ago and won't go back. (Sorry to family that works, or has worked for Telus.) I remember New Years about 4 years ago, I went with a friend, who had just moved to Alberta, to Churchill Square here in Edmonton. We had gone to see the fireworks display and about 5 minutes before mid-night struck, they played the Hippopotamus song. The crowd cheered, sang along, and kind of wiggled to the upbeat tune. My friend looked at me like I was an alien or something, he hadn't heard the song and thought it was quite strange. Good commercial though. =0)

I'm sure if you haven't seen these three commercials, you can Utube or Google them. They are quite amusing and a good distraction of two minutes.

It's not always about me; I don't often run out and buy stuff due to commercials, but these ones stuck out in my mind. =0)

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